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Buy or Rent. What is best for you?

MortgageRight Kennesaw Georgia Buy vs Rent


Long-term monthly house payments can be less than you pay for rent.

Tax Benefits

You can deduct property taxes and the interest on your mortgage payments.


Even modest (local driven) appreciation can change the long-term value of buying considerably.


Paying down on your loan while property values go up builds equity and adds to your net worth.


Being part of a neighborhood helps build a strong social network.


Without a landlord, you make all the decisions, from paint colors, pets, visitors and children.

Career Uncertainty

When your career is not stable, your job is temporary or you are considering a job change.

Income Uncertainty

Possible job lay off or pay cut that can affect the ability to meet mortgage payments.

New Location / Relocation

Renting allows you more flexibility, offers mobility and more time to search for the right home.

No Maintenance

Renting generally requires no maintenance, repair bills or yard work.


Renting may include amenities such as a pool or fitness center that may be unavailable when buying.

Bad Credit

If you currently have bad credit, renting gives you the opportunity to work on cleaning it up prior to applying for a mortgage loan.

MortgageRight Kennesaw Georgia Buy vs Rent

Mortgage Calculator

Loan Process


Get Pre-Approved

This is the time to get in the know. A pre-approval will give you an advantage when you find your perfect home. We can tell you what you need to get pre-approved, so you know the exact loan amount you qualify for, what your monthly payment will look like, and how much taxes and insurance will be. With a pre-approval, the loan process will be smoother and your offer will be stronger.


Choose a Loan Program

Fixed rate? Adjustable? FHA? There are multiple loan options that may fit your unique needs, and we can help you choose. Are you looking for the consistent rates and payments that a fixed rate loan can provide? Do you want the short-term benefits of lower rates that an adjustable rate loan can bring? Our extensive portfolio of loan options means you have more options available to get just what you need.


Loan Application

Your application will provide a complete picture to loan investors of your assets, debts and what you are buying. You will need to provide documentation, including a photo I.D., pay stubs, proof of income, tax returns, employment history, and information on all debts, assets, and sources for down payments. Don't worry, we will let you know exactly what is needed for the loan application so you can be fully prepared.


Processing & Underwriting

Your loan has specific investor guidelines that must be met, and an underwriter will review your documents to be sure that you meet them. While an underwriter reviews your file, an appraisal will be ordered on the home. Additional information may be requested, so don’t panic if you have to turn in more documents. That’s just the underwriter working hard to get your final approval.


Loan Approval

Before your loan is approved, you will receive pre-approval and a list of closing conditions that need to be met. These conditions can include verification that your employer is current and proof that homeowner’s insurance has been obtained. Once closing conditions have been satisfied, the underwriter issues a clear to close. Congratulations, your loan has been approved!


Loan Closing

With an approved loan, you are on the home-stretch towards closing. The lender will send closing documents to a title company that draws up paperwork and arranges for signing of documents. Once the documents have been signed and funding conditions have been met, the title is recorded and the process is complete. You are a proud owner of your new home, and the keys are yours!

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"Working with the MortgageRight team was great. They made the whole process quick and painless. Mike Russo and Charley Estes were amazing to work with. They were extremely professional and knowledgeable. They answered any questions I asked and made sure that I was comfortable with the whole process. I would definitely use them again and have recommended them to several friends and family!"

Brandon Simons

"This was a mostly pain/hassle free experience I ever had obtaining a mortgage. They were experienced, courteous, and professional throughout the whole process. A majority of the process was all done online. It was so simple and expeditious. I would recommend MortgageRight to anyone looking to finance/refinance their home! Kudos to MortgageRight!"

Mr. Shoe

"Outstanding experience!!! I recently went through a divorce and had to refinance my house and Mortgage Right was able to get me the lowest APR (by far) and put a little cash back in my pocket which came in handy for this Christmas. I feel like all systems are a go with the help I received from MortgageRight!!! I would strongly recommend them to anyone!!!"

Steve Cheatham

"Refinancing was made easy, quick, and stress-less by Mortgage Right. Mike's team worked through some glitches due to my husband's death with clarity and aplomb. Saved me money in each month's payment, too. I'd use them again in a heartbeat! "

Kathy Skube

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